Reseller Services

We are a top tier ISP and have built our own infrastructure distributed throughout South Africa. We have leveraged the infrastructure to create high quality services and solutions that can be taken to market globally. We work closely with other IT companies and enable them to provide the same services and solutions to their customers. Our reseller programs are designed to offer you a profitable business model as well as allow you to maintain control over your customers services. 

Reseller Programs

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Partner Program

A partner has full access to our services and solutions. We bill partners directly and you can set the pricing you would like to charge your customers. Partners are responsible for all customer facing support and billing. We work closely with our partners to provide them with training as well as assist with marketing and sales.

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If you are looking for a company you can leverage their services for your customers, without wanting to directly support the relevant services or take ownership of the billing then our affiliate program is perfect for you. You simply refer customer, earn commission and we will take care of the rest.

Benefits to resellers

High quality services

All the services we offer are of a high standard and in turn you can have the confidence when promoting the relevant services to your customers that they will be of a standard you can be proud to be associated with.

Recurring revenue

In either program you will earn recurring revenue which continues for as long as you remain a partner and your customer/s continue to use the services.

White labeling

The majority of our services can be fully white labelled allowing you to build and promote your own brand to your customers and the market in general.

Management Systems

We provide you with simple management systems which give you technical and billing control over your customers services 24/7/365.


Our team will work closely with yours to ensure competency on both a technical and a business development level. We promote our resellers to use us an extension of their businesses.


Our market insights and strategy can enable mutually beneficial growth. It is with this in mind that we operate in a transparent manner with our resellers.

Services available to resellers
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Cloud Backup

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Cloud Servers (IAAS)

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Microsoft Office 365

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Website Hosting

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