Philippi Village

GSolutions launches Fibre connectivity services in Philippi Village


It is with great excitement that GSolutions have launched fibre connectivity into the Philippi Village development.

In conjunction with City of Cape Town and Philippi Village we have launch great services into the development with Fibre connectivity packages from only R299. This initiative will help grow all businesses in the development, both small and large, which ultimately benefits the community.

It has been a long process between ensuing we are endorsed by the ISPA as well as obtained the relevant licensing from ICASA. This allows us to leverage the solutions we have built further than just Philippi Village.

With our data centre facilities based at Teraco which is considered one of the best facilities in South Africa, our excellent quality infrastructure, high speed and reliable bandwidth it has been a focus when launching the service to provide an exceptionally high quality service at a reasonable price. As a result of the success of the project and the infrastructure we have implemented, we have already secured two additional sites.