IT Management

We consider IT management to be the process of understanding, selecting, implementing and managing relevant IT systems and services to meet our customers strategic objectives.

IT Management Components
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Team Management

One of the fundamental facets of IT Management is managing the team in a way that ensures service delivery to the relevant business. By creating effective structures for the team, implementing and managing a helpdesk solution and ensuring correct logging and documentation are completed creates an accountable department / outsourced service.  

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IT is an ever changing landscape and in order to stay competitive and efficient investment is imperative. Accurate IT budgets will allow you business to plan more effectively. Budgets also help your IT team / outsourced vendors to improve your businesses systems, processes and facilities. 

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3rd Party Vendor Management

According to CSOONLINE; "The average companys network is accessed by 89 different vendors". Managing these vendors effectively requires intricate knowledge of how all the relevant services and solutions compliment or integrate with each other to deliver a fully functioning IT service for your business.

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Project Management

IT Projects can be complex. A project manager with the requisite technical knowledge and experience can add substantial value in terms of ensuring the scope, time and budget of the project are balanced to ultimately deliver the project to the highest standard for your business. 

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Governance and Oversight

IT governance and oversight is there to ensure your IT solutions, services and projects are conducted based on industry best practices, codes of compliance and legal requirements, it is imperative to have an experienced and knowledgeable partner you can work with.

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Business Processes

Business processes through the strategic use of IT can assist in driving efficiency. Most businesses are not aware of the full scope or functionality of the services, solutions and infrastructure they have. Leveraging this processes can be refined or even automated to achieve the best results.