IT Dictionary

Technical speak can often sound like gibberish and confuse more than explain. Our IT Dictionary aims to explain terminology, concepts and acronyms in a simple to understand manner. We do sometimes get ahead of ourselves and if anything is not clear or there is something we dont have an explanation for please reach out to us so we can assist you and improve ourselves at the same time. 


Contention Ratio

A contention ratio is the amount a times a resource is oversold. In IT having dedicated resources such as bandwith can be expensive. With this in mind it helps to bring down the cost to individual customers by overselling resources where it is unlikely that they will be fully utilised.

Example: A fibre internet line has a contention ratio of 1:10. There are 10 customers all with 100mbps lines. Each customer would be gaurenteed a minimum speed of 10mbps, however it is unlikely that all 10 customers would be using the full speed of their lines at the same time so in reality you would recieve much better speeds almost all the time. As a result of the contention ratio the cost of the service would be at a much lower pricepoint than a service that offers dedicated speeds (1:1 contention ratio).