VOIP - Overview

Voice over IP (VoIP) was developed in order to provide access to voice communication in any place around the world. In most places, voice communication is quite costly. Consider making a phone call to a person living in a country half the globe away. The first thing you think of in this case is your phone bill! VoIP solves this problem and many others:

No complex setups, no steep learning curves.

We've done the work for you, giving you all the control with none of the headaches.

Reduced Call Costs

On average, customers save up to 40% when using VOIP systems. Sign up now and you can too!

Crystal Clear VOIP

Tired of having lagging audio, delays in conversation, and voice echo's? With out world-class VOIP network you can experience crystal clear calls.

Improved Functionality

Providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly telephony solution South Africa has ever seen.

Why should you implement VoIP? 

  • Saves money
  • Conference calls
  • Phone portability
  • No geographical boundary
  • Many free features (caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, long distance calls)
  • Improves communication with customers and employees